Monday, March 21, 2011

EXTRA--***Night Cruise To Hell Notes and Sketches***

2011--I decided not to publish here the entire NIGHT CRUISE TO HELL, my short story that was read aloud in my Mystery class this week in 1976. The main reason for this is that since I turned in the typed version all I have now are two very different handwritten versions that are virtually indecipherable. That said, here is a page of notes and art from the concept.

Basically, Agatha Christie's CURTAIN had just been released--her long-finished but held back final Poirot adventure in which (SPOILER) the detective himself turns out to be the killer. Taking my inspiration, NIGHT CRUISE TO HELL featured a veteran detective on a cruise after his enforced retirement. A body is found on board ship and a young sailor is assigned to assist the great detective as he attempts to solve one last murder. LIttle by little, though, the sailor, whose eyes we follow the plot, pieces together the clues to reveal that, in fact, the bitter detective himself was the murderer!


  1. That sounds like a fun story!! I wish we could read it!! Also, what did/do you think of Agatha Christie's​" Curtain?? " ( I know that you do not care too much for Christie, ) but, what do you think about the book?? I myself HATED the book!! I could not even finish the book!! Plus , Christie wrote the book in the early 1940's . If you read some of her books from that era, you will actually find hints to " Curtain" in the series. Of course, you will only be aware of this fact after you have read the last book!!

    1. Been so long since I read it, I can't say for sure exactly how I felt about CURTAIN but I no longer have it and if I had liked it I would probably have kept it.

      I've read a few other books by her but AND THEN THERE WERE NONE was the only one I can say I actually LIKED.

      A few years back, when I managed the Airport bookstore, I always kept lots of her books in stock for George Clooney's dad, Nick. He would fly a lot and always stop in to buy one when he did. He told me that he'd read all the Christie books, knew that he liked them, but could never remember who the killer was!