Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 9th, 1976

I stayed home from school today. I was a little guilty about it at first but, as usual, it turned out to be the right decision as my cold worsened in the afternoon. Watched two good movies on TV and read SPV-166, so far the best story in WEIRD HEROES 2.

I saw part of an episode of THE DAWN OF LAUREL & HARDY on 16 but couldn't get it in good enough to actually see much. Saw Kebrina Kincaide on Merv. She's kind of cute. Not too much else on TV tonight.

Also had my second Rancher. Probably my last, too.

NOTES:The Rancher was a more grown-up oriented platter meal from Burger Chef. It featured a 1/3rd pound beefsteak served with Texas Toast (although I doubt we called it that back then), fries and a salad (which I no doubt threw away. I don't do salads). As the Burger Chef was just down at the other end of the alley next to our house, we ate from there often. After this, though, I stuck with their burgers.

Kebrina Kincaide was and is "the original psychic to the stars." According to her MySpace page, she's just now 61 which means she would have only been 26 at the time I saw her here on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW! Ahem.

THE DAWN OF LAUREL AND HARDY was, as it sounds, a TV series showcasing early and pre-team appearances of Stan and Ollie. In this case, though, I was trying to pick it up on Channel 16, a PBS station from Dayton, Ohio, 50 miles North of us. If one fiddled with the rabbit ears antenna just right and the weather was co-operating, sometimes we could watch Channel 16. Most of the time, not.

Finally SPV-166, my favorite WEIRD HEROES story up to that point, was written by Elliot S! (sic) Maggin and illustrated by Ralph Reese. Maggin was a DC comics writer who would go on to do some impressive work on SUPERMAN including two wonderful novels around the time the Christopher Reeve movie was released. Reese had been a sometime collaborator with Wallace Wood and has occasionally been featured on my Wallace Wood blog.

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  1. Now I feel bad for buying the Weird Heroes books from you.