Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday, April 11th, 1976

Still plagued by a headache all day bit none of the dizziness like I had last night.

Mom wants me to get my hair styled and I told her maybe Tuesday. Didn't get to wash it today.

Straightened up my room and looked through a bunch of old SPIDER-MAN comics because Spidey himself, "Debbie the Dancer" and Stan "the Man" Lee were all on WONDERAMA this morning to promote REFLECTIONS OF A ROCK SUPERHERO.

Saw an episode of THE SAINT this afternoon. Watched 1940 on Lowell Thomas's show later.

May well get the SEX IN THE MOVIES book tomorrow in Cincy if the Price Guide still isn't out.

Had my first taste of Wyler's. Not toooo bad.

Absolutely have to answer Yoshiko and get the Omnicon reservations this week!

Reds are 3 and 0.

NOTES: REFLECTIONS OF A ROCK SUPERHERO was one of two official rock albums with Spidey, long before the current Broadway debacle. This was actually one I never ended up getting, however. I still have the first one. Not the one seen above.

Wyler's was (is?) a Kool-Aid style drink mix for grown-ups. I do not recall ever having it since this date.

Not sure which sex in the movies book we were referring to here. There were two good ones I bought around this same time.

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  1. Were you talking about the Spider - Man Rock Comic ?? I have that . I got it off of my friend Cully back in the early 1980s !!