Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wednesday, December 1st, 1976

Up at 6 and helped get all them cans in (illegible)'s trunk. Froze! Caught the 7:40 bus. Arrived at school at 8.

Encountered Dale and we walked to get measured together. Head: 7 & 3/4, Height: 5' 8".

I took a Bradbury book to school with me. Managed to avoid Mona.

Learned of Mom's four month old brother who died on December first many years ago!

Saw Shatner on MIKE DOUGLAS. Two neat TV specials on tonight.

More snow late tonight, Supposed to keep coming down all night long.

NOTES: I hate to sound repetitive but once again my much vaunted memory fails me. Cans? In a car trunk apparently frozen shut? At 6 AM? No freakin' clue.

At least the measuring hinted at the other day makes sense now--for caps and gowns for graduation! Duh! Perhaps its due to the idiot who mis-measured me here today that I for years THOUGHT I was five foot eight when in actuality I'm five foot FOUR! 

My wife the genealogist is very intrigued by this mention of a an Uncle of mine only months old when he died! She said she knew of my Aunt who died at only 9 years old but not an even younger Uncle that hadn't survved. I was like--AN AUNT, TOO!!?? I'd never heard about her either! She's working to find info on this Uncle now.

I was a big fan of William Shatner, not just on STAR TREK but on all of his other series and TV movies and even his infamous Promise margarine commercials. A few years ago, he came through my airport store about an hour before I came in that day. I'm told he was...let's just say NOT at his most gracious that day. 

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  1. 2 specials aired on CBS that night: Bing Crosby's White Christmas Special with the Crosby family, Jackie Gleason and Bernadette Peters; and The George Burns Special with Johnny Carson, Walter Matthau, Madeline Kahn and the Osmonds.

    (** Currently watching The Bionic Woman episode that aired that night: "The Vega Influence")