Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Monday, December 20th, 1976

All my index cards were missing but I had the info in my notebook. I got to switch lockers again.

Found out that Janie N. is doing a term paper on comics, too.

Rain and snow all day long.

J. Kahn was on the hotline tonight.

NOTES: Janie N. was one of my fellow students who, as recently as last year, lived right down the street from me here. I spoke with her more often just running into her on the street than I ever had in High School. I think she's moved, though. Haven't seen her in quite a while. I don't recall her having any interest in comics but apparently she did back then at least.

Jenette Kahn was the then-new Publisher at DC Comics. From the beginning, she had attempted to put herself out there so fans would know her. Remember, comics were essentially a "boys'" medium and here was a girl running one of the two biggest comics companies! So there she was that day on the Hotline. I would sit next to her table at breakfast at a convention hotel in Chicago in 1990. She had a good run with lots of innovations and then moved on.

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