Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday, December 12th, 1976

New Python last night!

Quick morning. Heard another new Wings live one on the radio!

Still no DUCK SOUP but was consoled by GO WEST unscheduled on TV.

Bad Shave. Ouch!

Saw Newton and L.A. on a Xmas show tonight!

NOTES: "Newton" would have been Wayne whom I was quite big on after the Bob Hope live Show. "L.A." though? Hmmm...I got nothin'

GO WEST was a Marx Brothers film I had seen in a revival theater (double featured with A DAY AT THE RACES) which I thought was quite hilarious but it was generally considered (and still is) one of their lesser pictures. Much of the climax of the film centers around a train chase and features gags reminiscent of Buster Keaton. Credited scriptwriter Irving Brecher admitted in his autobiography that Keaton, a sometime consultant to the Marxes at MGM, was on-set for the film so one never knows.


  1. Could LA be Loni Anderson? Or was it too early for her?

  2. Steve, I was sure for a second you were right! But then I checked and no, WKRP was still 2 years down the line and, as I recall, she really didn't do too much before that of note.

  3. How about Lynn Anderson, country singer?

  4. Lucie Arnaz? Did she appear on a Christmas Special with Wayne?

  5. Lynn Anderson was listed to appear on "Wayne Newton: A Christmas Card" special on this night. (Congrats to Anonymous!)

    (** currently watching the 6 Million Dollar Man ep that aired this night "A Bionic Christmas Carol")