Friday, December 16, 2011

Thursday, December 16th, 1976

Spanish was a mess at school. Depressing. Freezing fire drill at lunch.

Unexpected new books in Cincy after school. Plus WINGS OVER AMERICA with strict instructions--DO NOT OPEN UNTIL CHRISTMAS!

Unexpected reruns tonight. Felt really weird watching Jack Cassidy on CROSSWITS. It was like "He can't be gone. There he is!" So many have died recently.

NOTES: So we come to the final page of the actual journal with the remainder of the year squeezed in practically in one-liners before I stapled in a page for my big summing up. 

CROSSWITS was a decidedly second-string syndicated game show whose idea of a seventies celebrity was often of the likes of Carlton Carpenter (who hadn't done much of anything since the fifties and wasn't particularly famous even then). The show ran five seasons, however, hosted by Jack Clark, a man whose name was better known as announcer than host for a number of earlier game shows. Jack Cassidy happened to be on the episodes running during the week in which he died. Sad.


  1. I can't believe this is almost over. I have immensely enjoyed reading this, thank you for posting it!

  2. I remember the Jack Cassidy Cross Wits week vividly. Woke up thinking about it this morning. So weird the things one remembers from childhood. I remember the local station in New York running a disclaimer during commercial breaks to the effect of "Due to the untimely death of Jack Cassidy, we regret.....blah blah blah". Now just today, a similar story ran in the Daily News about "The Fast and the Furious" being an answer to a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. But my memory of the Cross Wits episode happened this morning, BEFORE reading that today. Very weird. Glad to know others remember that week too.