Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wednesday, December 8th, 1976

Fair day at the table and the rest, too.

Second chance on DUCK SOUP!

Heard BLACKBIRD live while working at SS tonight. Then later heard MAYBE I'M AMAZED! Better than the original!

NOTES: With only one more page in the book I was getting even more terse with these final entries. It didn't really help and I ended up stapling an extra page onto the inside back cover!

"The table" referred to the volunteer position where I was selling Yearbooks with a  partner during at least one period for a few days. 

The live Wings songs were the hottest thing on the radio at that point. 1976 had definitely been the year that McCartney made everyone realize that he was NOT just an ex-Beatle.

DUCK SOUP would eventually become my favorite Marx Brothers movie. It's purely anarchist comedy with no trace of the usual romantic subplot and not exactly an overabundance of the often mundane musical numbers either. Many fans think unadulterated Marxes are too much for the palate. Me, I wish they'd made a dozen more like this!


  1. A couple weeks back, my 7-year-old son came in and asked me if we could watch Duck Soup again. It had been on during a TCM marathon New Years Eve. A proud moment for this father.

  2. How did/ do you like the Marx Brothers in " Horsefeathers!?!? " That one is my favorite!!