Saturday, December 24, 2011

Friday, December 24th, 1976

DAMN! I opened up my WINGS OVER AMERICA album and there were only two records! It's supposed to be a three record set! WE took it back early this afternoon and luckily they exchanged it easily! Whew! Hope nothing else goes wrong.

Mom's present was  a neat blow-dryer for sure! She also got flowers from Mrs. K upstairs!

Later in the day it seemed like Saturday.

Christmas movies tonight.

NOTES:Not sure why I opened the record that day or why Mom got presents. We were never one of those families that opened presents on Christmas Eve. Good thing I did open my present, though, as we were able to get it replaced with one that was at least all there. I remember freaking out so much when I saw only two of the three records!

This year again, out of economic necessity as well as a general depression, we're pretty much having to skip Christmas--no shopping, no tree, presents, houseguests, TV specials or even special meals--unless you count the meatloaf I'll be baking over the weekend.  I miss the holidays the way they used to be. Sigh... For those of you who DO celebrate in one way or another, I do hope you enjoy your 2011 holiday weekend.

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