Sunday, December 25, 2011

Saturday, December 25th, 1976

Christmas. Awoke early like when I was a child. Finished reading the paper by 6:10 AM. After that, I grabbed my new records for intermittent playing the rest of the day. Just marvelous! Waited to read my new book but it was marvelous, also!

Cheated out of the expected snowstorm. It passed North of us.

Skipped the movie today.

Seemed like Sunday all day long instead of Saturday.

I completely rearranged my office to add in my new bookcase!

IT, too.

NOTES: At this stage, my Christmases were kind of non-descript I guess. Just a couple of gifts and we didn't even go see any relatives/ 

Normally, we would always go to one or the other of my Aunt's houses--Aunt Velma or Aunt Rosie. Aunt Velma was my dad's sister and Rosie was his sister-in-law. Velma's four daughters and their husbands and kids (mostly around my age) led to a packed house for a very Baptist celebration with a turkey and the best baked beans I've ever had (and I had some pretty good ones just tonight that I made myself!). Rosie and my Uncle Bill normally just had their daughter's family, an amazingly delicious ham and a quiet afternoon of sitting around the living room after presents were opened. 

After a few years, like this one, of skipping it, we returned to the traditions and my wife and I carried on the Christmas visits after my parents died until Rosie, Bill and Velma (at age 104) passed on. 

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