Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tuesday, December 21st, 1976

Extremely cold!!! Bad school day and tomorrow should be worse. It'll be the last day of school for the year at least.

On arrival home today I was presented with a brand new bookcase as an early Christmas present!

Got a Christmas card from Yoshiko. Never thought to send her one.

NOTES: I've never been big on Christmas cards. As a kid, I helped my Mom send out scores every year to relatives, friends and sometimes people we never even thought of outside the Christmas season. As an adult I went from sending out a few to close friends and relatives to sending out exactly zero. 

When I was managing Waldenbooks, I would always send cards to the other stores in our district as well as to some of our better customers. I remember one year I bought one with a deadpan dog and car wearing reindeer antlers and I wrote in the names of myself and my Assistant Manager on each of them, varying from card to card as to whom was who.

My mother used to save every Christmas card we ever got. We had several boxes full. AS a kid I used to enjoy getting them down from the high closet shelves and going through them. As an adult, they were taking up space and I threw them away. Sigh...

As far as the early present of the bookcase, well, there's a reason they call me "booksteve."

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