Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Monday, December 6th, 1976

Late everywhere all day. I took HITLER to school. Mr. T had brought in the Fritz article from yesterday's paper to show me. I was asked to partner Dale in Yearbook sales.

Heard Denny O'Neil's voice on the Hotline tonight.

Saw Tony with DINAH today. Saw a promo with Linda B for that VICTORY AT ENTEBBE and then finally got to see Steffie in FEATHER & FATHER.

Six full late hours at SS tonight and three bags! Sheesh!

NOTES: Dale, you'll recall from the other day, was in my class. Not a bad guy. Mr Tucker apparently brought that article in and that was cool. Seems unlikely he would have brought in an article on an underground coix character and X-rated film star so it makes me again think it may NOT have been Fritz the Cat...but Fritz who? Actor Fritz Weaver? 

Tony was Tony Orlando. He had become one of my proprietary celebs since I had seen him in concert so, of course, I was on first name basis with him. Wasn't yet into cute nicknames though. That was reserved for "Steffie"--Stefanie Powers, the first actress who ever responded to a letter from me. 

Stefanie premiered this night in THE FEATHER AND FATHER GANG, a retitled version of FEATHER AND FATHER, a show that had been announced for the Fall season and then postponed for some reason. Her lawyer character was teamed with the always-delightful Harold Gould (as a con man) to solve crimes. I don't recall it as being all that good but was happy to see it finally show up. 


  1. Could "Fritz" have been Walter Mondale? That's the only other possibility I can think of, though why that would be exciting I'm not sure. :)

  2. Watched The premeire of The Feather and Father Gang tonight ("Two-Star Killer" with William Windom) (** Love Stef and Gould but tbh I have a hard time keeping up with eps of Switch as it is; 'con for good' shows just confuse me...)
    Also I found the Entebbe promo (from a round of ABC breaks that aired this night):