Monday, December 19, 2011

Sunday, December 19th, 1976

For the first time in ages, most of the day was spent on homework.

Heard more live Wings on the radio and read in the paper of a new live Beatles album recorded in 1962 coming soon! Speaking of albums,  Betty called and asked Mom what I wanted for Christmas so I said 33 1/3 and she told her she'd get it!

Felt good all day until I had to deal with Jack at SS tonight still finishing up cleaning from the party. I silently hurried home as quickly as possible.

NOTES: The Beatles' Star Club recordings from Germany are really lousy recordings done from the audience on a reel to reel recorder. They were a major disappointment on arrival and yet have been endlessly repackaged ever since.

Betty is my older cousin and she and her husband had long-since taken to calling and asking what people wanted for Christmas. On the one hand, it eliminated that wonderful element of delightful surprise when you got the perfect gift. On the other, though, it also eliminated that terrible moment when you opened your gift and got...socks.

In this case, Betty got me George Harrison's THIRTY THREE AND A THIRD album, his most commercial album ever with some fun songs including the two I had enjoyed from his recent SNL appearance. 

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