Friday, December 9, 2011

Thursday, December 9th, 1976

Hauntingly perfect portrait of me in one girl's reading of a paragraph she wrote on loners today in Comp. Sigh.

New books were out after school over the river. I decided to avoid any more adult stuff from this point until I'm actually 18 a month from today. Thus I avoided HIGH SOCIETY today.

I got the "P" book in for Xmas.

NOTES: Not sure what the "P" book was--"P" for "PAUL?" As in McCartney? Would make sense.

Note that by this point, the explicitness with HUSTLER has been superseded by the even more explicitness of HIGH SOCIETY. I recently found an issue of HS from this period online and downloaded it just for old time's sake. It looks so amazingly tame now! Was interesting to note not one but THREE of my current FACEBOOK friends were actual contributors to that 1976 issue...although their work, which was NON-porn, was missing from the copy I downloaded. It was just noted on the contents page. 

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