Friday, December 2, 2011

Thursday, December 2nd, 1976

As expected, awoke to more snow.

Magic tricks in Comp.

Found out we can see REBECCA at school for 20 cents.

Second harassment of the week by unknown Stan Grady! Who the hell IS this creep and what does he have against me?

Found a dime on the bus to Cincy but only ended up picking up dinner there today.

Dad got a thing in the mail saying he's been nominated for honorary sheriff!

NOTES: Ah, the days when spam came via snail mail. Pretty sure now that nomination for my father was a ruse by some organization--maybe or maybe not a shady one--to get money out of him. We were so innocent back then.

We had read REBECCA in class and I enjoyed it immensely. Was surprised to find the movie was a Hitchcock film and that they were showing it at school! The film became a quick favorite, also, as did star Joan Fontaine (although she really didn't last on my favorites list, sadly).

Yeah, no clue who this "Stan Grady" guy was but apparently he had had issues with me earlier in the week and then again today. I have no memory of him at all. Hey, Stan. Buddy...if you're reading this, you were TOTALLY forgotten, man! Whatever your beef was with me, it did not even deserve a mention beyond today's brief acknowledgement of your existence. I win. You lose. 

And magic tricks? Wonder what that was all about.

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