Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday, December 3rd, 1976

Went to a college prep meeting in the Library today for three hours. Fair.

Got my own coneys tonight.

Called DC's hotline and heard Marty Pasko talking about new Superboy stories coming in ADVENTURE COMICS! Wow!

Listened to Don Ameche, Robert Klein and even Monty Python on radio.

Osmonds and more were on unusual Mormon TV special.

NOTES: Not sure why I went to a college prep thing if I had already decided against college. Since I did go, however, I'm not sure why that didn't at least make me reconsider that.

Don Ameche was, at the time, pretty much a  has-been star from 1930's radio and movies. In the eighties he would make a spectacular comeback in films with COCOON and go on to star in a number of major releases until his death including one of my all-time favorites, THINGS CHANGE.

DC had a phone hotline where editors, writers and artists offered up-to-the-minute news in those pre-Web days. As a youngster, SUPERBOY had been a favorite but his solo stories had disappeared in the early seventies. Was good to hear he was coming back...and in ADVENTURE COMICS yet, one of my favorite comic books! In fact, if you haven't done so yet, check out DAYS OF ADVENTURE, my most recent blog!


  1. That has to be the same phone number I came across in a copy of Dynamite magazine that stated you could call the number and find out what your favorite superheroes were doing. Unfortunately, I came across it in about 1979 and apparently the number was no longer being used by DC as I dialed numerous times asking what Superman was doing, only to be rebuffed angrily by the person answering the phone.

  2. Okay, curiosity got the better of me and I dug up that issue. It's the February 1977 issue of Dynamite. The number is featured in their "Hot Stuff" column.

    Here's a scan of the article:

    Sorry, doesn't look like I can embed the picture.

  3. Found the listing for the "unusual Mormon special"; It was called "The Family and Other Living Things" Guest stars along with the Osmonds included Bill Bixby, Ruth Buzzi, Elinor Donohue, Bill Daily, Gary Burghoff and the Lennon Sisters. Turns out one of my favorite YT channels uploaded a portion of the special: