Sunday, December 11, 2011

Saturday, December 11th, 1976


IT this morning to avoid getting HIGH SOCITY but I ended up getting it anyway later so I wouldn't miss an issue. I put it up and I will NOT go near it until I am officially 18 next month! Also got STAR*REACH, books I had missed previously and Lennon's Greatest Hits album. Saw the new triple LP live Wings album at a hefty $8.95! Who's going to pay that much!!? Will wait for a sale. Ended up skipping DUCK SOUP yet again!

Got a Christmas card from Jill. Bet she was forced.

I saved the day by catching a smoking, melting light shade that would probably have caught fire soon. Whew!

NOTES: Okay, so my will power wasn't that great. You find me any seventeen year old male who could do it! At least I was trying to be good! So there.

Being a McCartney man, I had actually never purchased any Lennon solo records until today. Not even a single. I'd see picture sleeve singles all the time of COLD TURKEY, INSTANT KARMA and POWER TO THE PEOPLE in the 35 cent records boxes in the back of a couple of drugstores uptown but I just never bought them, even though I DID enjoy hearing them on the radio. They would, of course, be worth quite a bit now so I wish I HAD bought them at 35 cents each!

$8.95 for that Wings album 3 record set may not seem like much now but remember I only paid $8.50 to see them LIVE back in May! On the other hand, I had no problem reconciling $19.76 for the similar 3 record bootleg version a couple of months back. Go figure. 

Jill was a cousin in North Carolina whom I had only ever met twice--once when we were two (there are pictures) and once when we were twelve. Never having received a Christmas card--or anything else--from her before, I quite naturally assumed that her grandmother--my Mother's sister--had made her do it. Turned out I was wrong and the two of us soon began a pen-pal-like correspondence that would last about seven years. In 1979 we'd go down to visit my Mom's relatives and she and I felt like absolute strangers to each other in person in spite of how close we'd become in our letters. It's kind of similar to meeting your email or Facebook friends in person for the first time. You THINK you'll be incredibly comfortable with them as you are online but instead it's often the opposite. Weird. 

Speaking of the Internet, about two years ago Jill and I reconnected via Facebook. First time we'd corresponded in 27 years.

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