Sunday, December 4, 2011

Saturday, December 4th, 1976

Early today we got a package from Mickey. She sent me volume one of a Hitler biography...for Christmas.

I met the Shriner Parade in Cincy and later watched the Santa Claus parade on TV.

Still later, Flash Gordon was on!

NOTES: As a kid I loved parades. What kid didn't. By this point I was getting to the stage where I could take 'em or leave 'em. Running into an unexpected parade when you're just trying to cross the street downtown was a pain.

My first knowledge of FLASH GORDON was from reruns of the Buster Crabbe serials on WXIX TV when I was about 11 or so. This was probably at least a chapter of one of the serials being rerun this night also.

Mickey was my mother's older sister in North Carolina. I still don't know the whole story but supposedly Mickey used to bilk soldiers out of money by marrying them or saying she would in letters. There was a period before I was born when she was "away" somewhere. Jail? A hospital? On the run? No idea...but my mother always said she raised Mickey's daughter like she was her own during that period. Used to read her WONDER WOMAN comics! I met her once in 1962 and perhaps saw her at a funeral in 1968 but other than that had had no real contact with her. 

The book she sent me was actually one of that year's big sellers--ADOLF HITLER by prominent historian John Toland. She belonged to a Book Club and basically sent their selection for that month. When Part 2 came along, she forwarded that also. I took them to school in the waning months of Senior Year to read and got strange looks from a lot of folks.

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  1. I owned the Toland 'Hitler' bio in hardcover back then and I still have it today.