Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tuesday, December 7th, 1976

Some snow today. Fair day at school. First Yearbook day good. We had a dog in comp!

Saw a Cary Grant cameo in a John Wayne comedy!

Heard a cut from the new WINGS OVER AMERICA album on the radio tonight!

Quick at SS tonight because Jack followed us and talked and talked. Got back and watched Farrah with Merv.

NOTES: The unlikely pairing of John Wayne and Cary Grant never actually occurred although Grant does appear in one brief scene of a John Wayne/Claudette Colbert comedy entitled WITHOUT RESERVATIONS from 1946. Jack Benny also cameos. 

Seems like a small white dog had just wandered into the school and no one could coax him out. So when he wandered into our classroom in the afternoon, we simply closed the door and kept him there until someone could come to take him outside.

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  1. While at this point in 1976 I owned Band On the Run and some McCarney/Wings singles I avoided Wings Over America like the plague.
    In 1976 I was a huge fan of BOC, Yes and King Crimson. The idea of Wings Live bored me to tears and still does. Having said that I bought the London Town LP when it arrived and have it on CD now. It's a KEEPER. Famous Groupies!