Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tuesday, November 30th, 1976

Eventful day. 1 degree F at 6 AM! Big coat day for sure!

Got some info on tomorrow's measuring.

Weird teacher in Government.

Learned Dale knew Jimmy!

Kinda fell out with Mona.

Finished LOGAN.

Got home and found TV GUIDE and TWO TBG's in the mail and then I ate TEN coneys Dad had brought in!

Confirmed ten buck Hot Wheels sale.

Wrote and read KING KONG paragraph to mixed reactions from myself.

Godfrey Cambridge and Judith Lowry both died.

NOTES: A day of one liners.No clue on the measuring, the weird teacher or why I fell out with Mona. Hopefully THAT wasn't about the measuring!  AHEM! Dale was a guy in my class that wasn't a friend really but wasn't a jerk. 

Ten coneys...Ah, those were the days. Today in 2011, I only ate six!

Don't know about the Hot Wheels sale thing, either. My memory was that my mother gave all my Hot Wheels stuff to a woman she worked with (with my permission) because she couldn't afford toys for her son who was much younger than me. I hadn't touched them in several years anyway. 

Judith Lowry was an actress who had played little old ladies for many years. At the time, she had been a regular on TV's PHYLLIS.

Godfrey Cambridge, above, was one of my first favorite African-American performers, seen on television many, many times on everything from THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW to NIGHT GALLERY. He had also starred in the controversial race-themed comedy, WATERMELON MAN and also in a couple of films that would become favorites later on--COTTON COMES TO HARLEM and COME BACK CHARLESTON BLUE. He was positively brilliant in THE PRESIDENT'S ANALYST.

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  1. >Don't know about the Hot Wheels sale thing

    Perhaps you learned that rather than being given to her son, the woman sold your Hot Wheels for a quick $10, thus forever souring your memories of your charitable act.

    And good lord, man, 10 coneys?! No wonder you had digestive issues!