Saturday, November 12, 2011

Friday, November 12th, 1976

Hell of a day! Mainly 'cause my glasses were missing! Turns out Dad grabbed 'em by accident. I got them back when he arrived home with my first Gold Star Chili coneys! Good..but not great.

I put up the McCartney poster again.

Avoided the two movie problem by watching ROCKFORD instead. Switched over to BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE during commercials thiugh. Got a nice view of Glynis's tits! Finally gave in and just watched the last 65 minutes of it. Magnificent, breathtaking ending.

NOTES: A red letter day as Gold Star Chili coneys are today my favorite food! I was raised on Covington Chili and it's still there but at one point, they were sold and the recipe was never quite the same since. I still go there when I can afford it. Picked up a couple the other day when I went to the Post Office. Mostly, though, Gold Star is our fast food of choice these days...again, when we can afford it!

THE BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE was a TV movie that proved that John Travolta was more than the teen idol flavor of the month. He played a young man who had spent his entire life inside an enclosed germ-free room due to an immunity disease. Glynnis O' Conner who had co-starred in my "movie of the year," ODE TO BILLIE JOE, co-starred here also and, apparently, showed some...exposure of a sort that was aesthetically pleasing to my teenage self. Ahem!


  1. I love it when you name an event that hits a chord which allows me to remember that very day, as well. I can remember sitting up and watching BOY IN THE PLASTIC BUBBLE quite clearly, as well as many other things I did that day. Awesome!

    Also, I recently found a chili recipe online that tastes just like Gold Star. If you're interested I'll slip ya the link!

  2. Always up for a new chili recipe, Groove! Send it along, please!

  3. Here ya go...

  4. I remember watching that movie with my Parents when it first aired all of those years ago!!

  5. Watching the Rockford ep right now: "Coulter City Wildcat" s3 ep 6!