Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Monday, November 22nd, 1976

JFK's death day. I wrote about him in my school journal today.

Somewhat scared thinking about CARRIE today--the effects that is.

Heard and read a lot about "Suzie" and Al Jardine today.

Best part of the day was lots of snow! Only flurries really but a lot of them!

Mona left early but she did tell me to go ahead and get her STARLOG.

Saw Sally on DINAH.

Sadly, the robot I sold was returned broke. Oh, well.

Angels were on with Daryl and Toni tonight!

NOTES: Technically I was born during the Eisenhower administration but I always considered Kennedy, elected nearly two years later, to be "my" President. My mother always said my earliest words came from television--"Kennedy," "Nixon," 'Playtex" (don't ask on that last one). When I was three years old, my mother actually took me to see JFK when he came through town to stump for a local candidate. I remember it so very well.

His death on this date in 1963 only really bothered me at the time in relation to the hours of cartoons it preempted over the next few days. In later years, I read extensively about the assassination and have long been convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone.

On this year's anniversary, I'm enjoying audio of Stephen King's book about time travel being used in an attempt at preventing the assassination.

"Sally" was Sally Struthers.

"Daryl and Toni" were THE CAPTAIN AND TENNILLE, whose variety series apparently featured Charlie's Angels that night. 

"Suzie" was SUZI CINCINNATI, a song by the Beach Boys. The group--or most likely jusy Al Jardine--bought an ad in local newspapers describing a chatty female cabbie they had met the last time they had been in town that they were trying to find. Jardine had been so impressed that he wrote a song about her. 

With the help of local media, "Suzie" was found to be a woman from Newport rather than Cincinnati. The group invited her to attend their concert with her family and posed for pictures with her. Turned out she had all sorts of personal problems and, at least for a time, the group helped with those also.



  1. robot??? did i miss something?

  2. Sorry. I had a number of toy robots. Didn't exactly collect them but I thought they were cool and accumulated several. I believe the one referred to here was a LOST IN SPACE robot.