Saturday, November 26, 2011

Friday, November 26th, 1976

Saw BEWITCHED'S very first episode...and I kind of remembered seeing it the first time!

Decided to skip the flick after all due to a lot of new comics out.

Rain all day. Dad got us chili!

We were over at SS as early as 5 so back in plenty of time to catch a really neat tribute to John Wayne on TV with everybody!

NOTES: As much as I liked coneys (and still do!) sometimes it was cool to just have the chili from Covington Chili. It came in a small, thick, round cardboard container and they sent along bags and bags of the little round crackers. Umm---MMM! Good stuff!

We all seemed to instinctively know that John Wayne wouldn't make another movie after THE SHOOTIST and tributes started pouring in while he was still alive. To his credit, he discussed his next film and even did a few TV ads. AN ALL-STAR TRIBUTE TO JOHN WAYNE, presented by Variety Clubs International, starred Frank Sinatra, Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, Ron Howard, Glen Campbell (from TRUE GRIT), Jimmy Stewart, Bob Hope, Sammy Davis, Angie Dickinson, Maureen O'Hara, Clare Trevor and, for some reason, also Rowan and Martin, Henry Winkler, Monty Hall and John Byner. The Duke said the following on the broadcast, recorded earlier in the month, " And to all you folks out there, I want to thank you for the last fifty years of my career and I hope I can keep at it another fifty years...or at least until I get it right!" 

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