Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday, November 15th, 1976

Kinda depressed but relatively healthy I guess. 
Did the first draft of my book report. Mr. T practically suggested I choose EC for a research topic for class!

No sign of Mona again today. 

NOTES: As a comics fan for most of my life, I hate to admit this but I had never even heard of EC Comics until the 1971 publication of the Nostalgia Press volume seen here, HORROR COMICS OF THE 1950's, a book I never even had. I remember reading the reviews and plugs for it, though and really getting the feeling I had missed something special. 

I know now that horror comics were the major theme in the field in the early fifties. Most were just cheap and gory but EC had not only a surprising literary bent but also art that was miles ahead of the competition. I knew Wally Wood. I had copied his Marvel and Tower stuff teaching myself to draw. I knew Jack Davis from TV GUIDE. I remembered Reed Crandall and Al Williamson from the black and white CREEPY and EERIE mags. And of course I knew William M Gaines and Al Feldstein from MAD. What I didn't have a clue of was that all of these people had been EC COMICS. In time, when I had money, I bought all of the hardcover slipcase edition box set reprints of EC Comics, the best comic book company of all time. 

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