Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friday, November 5th, 1976

Last night I dreamed of (CeNsOrEd)'s tits! WOW!

Yesterday, Terry turned 18.

Took CFO to school. Mona wants to see more. Got a copy of the school paper from her. Played games in Spanish. Dumb Ol' Hitch sent us down to room 217!

Got TBG and learned Marvel has canceled three of the black and whites! I may order LITTLE ANNIE FANNY.

I plan to get Laurel and Hardy and Beatles hardcovers tomorrow.

Dad brought home a mag with one good article.

NOTES: I've always said you can't help what you dream about. I'm not a "breast man," though. Apparently I was then. That would explain my desire to see Kurtzman and Elder's LITTLE ANNIE FANNY, too. I never did order that LITTLE ANNIE FANNY collection (seen here) but many years later Denis Kitchen published two annotated volumes that are quite marvelous.

"Yesterday, Terry turned 18." Told ya.

"CFO?" Again, I apologize but I am at a loss. 

"Hitch"would have been Miss Hitch at school. I had been kind of an aid to her in a previous grade and normally didn't think of her as "dumb." Not even sure now what she taught so I'm not sure why room 217 was such a big deal that day that I resorted to name-calling.

Marvel's black and whites were mostly horror mags designed as rivals to Warren's CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA. At their best, I felt they were better. In 2011, it's rather surreal that one former seventies editor of the Marvel black and white mags is an online friend and a fan of my blogs!

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