Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tuesday, November 16th, 1976

Mona was finally back. Wasn't quite the same as it would have been had I seen her last Friday as expected I guess but it was okay.

No TBG yet but a fair day otherwise.


A sad and downbeat episode of ONE DAY AT A TIME tonight as my empath, David, was written out, apparently as scheduled.

NOTES: UNKNOWN WORLDS OF SCIENCE-FICTION was a Marvel black and white magazine of sci-fi stories, many of which were adapted from the works of famous authors. For a while it was my favorite magazine in the seventies. It had been canceled in 1975 however so I'm assuming that here I was re-reading them all in a row.

"David" on ONE DAY AT A TIME was a character played by actor Richard Masur in the first season and part of the second. He was in love with the main character played by Bonnie Franklin but she turned down his proposal and he was written out of the series. I always felt he was the only sensible character on the show (and remember I loved the show) and that it was a mistake to, as they say, leave the asylum in the hands of the inmates after that. 

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