Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 20th, 1976

Saw the best part of KING KONG on Channel 2.

Got an Adams book and the new CINEFANTASTIQUE and STARLOG in Cincy.

Several good comedy-dramas on tonight, especially ALICE.

Stayed up to watch Beatle George with Paul Simon on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE with videos directed by Eric Idle!

NOTES: The best part of KING KONG is, of course, the ending where he breaks loose in Manhattan and climbs the Empire State Building. I had first seen the film in a big screen revival circa 1972 where it became an immediate favorite. I've since seen it numerous times on both the big and small screens. By contrast, I saw the '76 remake once a few years afterwards on TV and the Jack Black version once on DVD from the Public Library.

The SNL episode was the famous one where George Harrison appeared to plug his then new album with videos fro THIS SONG AND CRACKERBOX PALACE. He also did the classic comedy bit with Lorne Michaels in the beginning where the former is apologizing and explaining the deal was for all FOUR Beatles (referring to his tongue-in-cheek offer to fund a Beatles reunion the week before). According to both John and Paul, the two were having a rare visit at the Dakota and actually considered (under the influence of who knows what) going down to the studio and surprising all and sundry. I've always been confused as to whether George had actually taped his bits a day or so earlier and wasn't actually there.

The reason I'm thinking George pre-taped his bits was that his main part of the show was a two song duet with host Simon and there are outtakes and additional songs from this concert scene that wouldn't have been possible on a live broadcast. George, of course, passed on a few years ago but Paul Simon is in town this week (or just was). Wish I could (or could have) seen him. 


  1. I remember watching that show on SNL and thought that conversation with George made the show. I enjoy your blogs a lot and especially this one. Thank you for sharing your past and present with us.

  2. And you can see the John and Paul scene reinacted in the VH-1 film Two of Us.