Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wednesday, November 10th, 1976

Today's letter indicates we're out eighteen bucks but I have no intention of quitting.

Not much out over the river. Got CRAWDADDY and HIGH SOCIETY.

Got a  copy of LOGAN'S RUN at school (no pictures from the movie). Also got my report card today. Good as usual. Felt very down and pressured all day, though.

Learned that Beatle George will be appearing on SATURDAY NIGHT!

NOTES: The copy of the LOGAN'S RUN novel I got through a school book club was not a movie tie-in addition which was apparently a bit disappointing. 

No idea why we were out 18 bucks. Something I ordered maybe? That was an awful lot of money for me to have been spending on mail-order stuff at that time, though. 

CRAWDADDY was sort of an upscale version of CREEM, the hipper than ROLLING STONE rock mag of the era. George Harrison was in the midst of a mini-comeback (even though he hadn't really gone anywhere) and thus was all over the place. As I mention, he was even about to appear on SATURDAY NIGHT (the LIVE part was added later) in what would prove to be a most memorable appearance. Oddly enough, today, in 2011, my cousin just posted a video that would debut on that very episode--THIS SONG. 

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