Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, November 14th, 1976

Another Beatles day with lots of reading and music! I also finished my book for the book report but didn't write the report yet.

Did my SS work late tonight rather than go tomorrow morning.

Not much on TV tonight other than Joey on MUSIC HALL AMERICA.

Went to bed just feeling very tense.

NOTES: Sometimes we would go clean the Social Security building next door in the evenings when we all did it but when I was doing it myself, I would often get up early and do it before school. There was a stereo system hooked up throughout the building and I liked to go over in my slippers, kick it up to eleven on WSAI AM or WEBN FM and sing along as I cleaned up before the folks started arriving at 8, by which time I was on the bus to school!

MUSIC HALL AMERICA was a short-lived series taped at Opryland, USA. It featured a different guest host every week including Burl Ives, Ray Stevens and Vicki Carr who introduced an eclectic group of musical performers from week to week...this week including Joey Heatherton whose derriere just absolutely fascinated me. When I would see her live twice over the next couple years at charity shows, I actually took mini-binoculars just to get a really good look at it in her dance outfits! Ahem! In later years, Joey, of course, had some well-publicized personal issues and sadly has not weathered the years well. In 1976, however, she practically defined the term "sex appeal" to me. 

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