Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday, November 29th, 1976

Icy but school was open. Not too different than normal either. I took LOGAN'S RUN and read most of it. Gave the STARLOG to Mona with little results. The whole day was a downer and an upper alternately.

HUSTLER's Larry Flynt gave 8700 bucks to the poor on 25. TODAY sent anti-war pamphlets and became news headlines.

I see in the paper where my one-time buddy from when I was four and five years old, Jimmy Miller, has become Lloyd's big football hero!

NOTES: I love snow but I hate ice. Back in my day, my school system hardly ever closed for weather. Once when we lived only three blocks away there had been an ice storm but the school was open. I tried to go. I really did. I fell down about a dozen times in the first block and a half so I turned around and crawled back home!

Not sure what I meant by Flynt giving away money "on 25." We never had a channel 25 then.  Seems an odd amount, too. The next sentence throws me, too. Not even sure if I was talking about the TODAY SHOW or not. 

"Jimmy Miller" lived around the block from us when I was five but I could climb the wall in our back yard and be in his back yard. We climbed up onto the roof of his garage a lot and crushed mulberries with our feet...which were constantly stained. We were young enough that his mother would give us baths together afterwards! His dad, unlike mine who didn't drink at all, was a big beer drinker and once we snuck a can out of the fridge and tried it. YUCK! Only once since have I tried it...at age 23...with the exact same reaction I had when I was 5! He had always been a big kid. His family moved a couple of times within the city but we stayed in touch up through about age 10. I found out about him being the big football star (at Debbie's school yet! She may have dated him!) when the newspaper ran an article about him having a # 1 shaved into the back of his head! Never have seen him again. 

Not sure what i expected from Mona when I passed on the STARLOG to her but I apparently didn't get it. Seen here is the issue she wanted with the SPACE 1999 cover.

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