Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday, November 13th, 1976

Sat up in bed 'til 2 AM with a Beatles special on WSAI with underground music! MARY JANE, SUZY PARKER and the "naked" LONG AND WINDING ROAD. Gave up pretty much the whole day to Beatles music and that great new book!

Terry called and made me miss Bob and Mary tonight.

Some good shots of Wonder Woman's tits on BATTLE OF THE NETWORK STARS tonight. Farrah, too!

NOTES: Man, I really was becoming a bit obsessed with female mammary glands! What can I say? I was really appreciating the "jiggle" years of television.

Speaking of television, in case you couldn't tell, "Bob and Mary" refers to Bob Newhart and Mary Tyler Moore, both of whose MTM sitcoms were fixtures of Saturday night viewing for years for those of us who never had a date. In 2011, on ME-TV, Bob and Mary are back on Saturday nights in reruns. There wasn't much jiggle on either of them but they sure were funny!

"Underground music" was what they called bootlegs in those days. Had a bit less of a negative connotation I guess. THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD was and is my all-time favorite song. It was also the last Beatles single before the breakup...and the first Beatles record I ever bought. Earlier this year, 2011, I downloaded about 35 versions from half-finished takes to live McCartney concert versions of the song. I made a CD of same. I really love that song!


  1. Steve -

    You must have a had a premonition - as you know - when Let It Be was reissued in 2003, it was called Let It Be. . .Naked.

    Maybe someday the film will come out officially. I have two versions - one by way of digital files from the internet, and the other, a VHS copy that I got in the 1990s.

  2. I always thought it would be a cool idea for a retro tv network to recreate some of the classic tv lineups for a particular year, similar to the Bob/Mary lineup you describe. A classic Saturday morning lineup would also be a fun watch. Throw in some vintage commercials and I think you've got a winner!