Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monday, November 1st, 1976

Off school today! Paper arrived by 1 for a change. Despite being really down again lately, I felt really optimistic this afternoon. Extremely optimistic in fact about virtually everything.

Saw previews for THE ENFORCER. Looks great!

I took clothes in for Dad, mail for Mom and SS cans as I went to Cincy. Dropped the new SEX IN FILMS book and got HIGH SOCIETY mag instead. IT. Twice.

Saw a previously missed HAPPY DAYS.

NOTES: From a fairly young age, my dad had me dropping off and picking up his suits and clothes from the laundry or the dry cleaner. In the late sixties, there was an old-fashioned Chinese laundry right down the street from my barber. It was hot and steamy and a very large Asian gentleman who seemed to speak little English would come out of the back wearing silk clothes and sweating profusely! He scared me. That closed by the early seventies, though, but there was no shortage of laundries around town and the dry cleaners were a block away on one side and down by the last bus stop over the river on the other. 

Mom often had me drop off mail as I went also. She wrote a lot of letters to relatives and old friends.

The trailer for THE ENFORCER did look good but I wasn't thrilled when I eventually saw the movie. The first two films had been favorites of mine and re-introduced me to Clint Eastwood after I had been a RAWHIDE fan as a child. Seemed a different character in this one and it just got worse in the next one. Still like those first two, though.

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