Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tuesday, November 2nd, 1976

Election Day. For the first time it's kind of exciting. Carter won!

Got my hair cut. Badly. Hope it grows back quick. It's still somewhat "up" but just doesn't work.

Cleaned and rearranged my room. Again.

Finally wrote Yoshiko and also the CR Shop.

Saw Bill Bixby and "Debbie" lookalike wife on DINAH.

Watched unseen BRADY BUNCH and Clint's first big hit tonight instead of the actual election coverage.

NOTES: I had spent all my life going to barbers but a year or so before this I started going to "hairdressers" in an effort to look at least a little more modern. These guys with their fluffy hair and porn star mustaches taught me to use blowdryers and brushes and treat my hair right...for what little time it had left before it started thinning. 

Bill Bixby, star of MY FAVORITE MARTIAN and COURTSHIP OF EDDIE'S FATHER, had been a favorite for most of my life. He was married to a woman named Brenda Benet who was very cute but looked absolutely nothing like Debbie although I seemed that day to have thought there was a resemblance. Sadly, Ms. Benet would take her own life just a few years later after the death of her child.

As for the election, yeah, it was kind of exciting. Not exciting enough to actually watch the coverage, mind you! I liked Carter, though. Still do. I think part of the issue with his generally ineffective presidency was that he was too honest. Too good for the job, really. It's easy to admore everything he's done since, however.

When Jimmy took office a couple of months later, the newspaper featured a surprise editorial cartoon (above) by Selby Kelly, widow of POGO's Walt Kelly, in which the Okefenokee Players congratulated a fellow Georgia boy for getting elected. 


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