Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saturday, July 31st, 1976

On what was probably my last trip to Kidd's Bookstore, I got the 3 Bode' books finally.

Dad won on the tickets again--a fiver for a change.

We got a special Cincinnati Reds Pepsi bottle! Cool!

Scientists announced today that there is possible evidence of life on Mars. Also cool!

There was a picture of Mark in the paper today. A pretty bad one but still...

That place on my face finally subsided to the point where I was able to shave today.

Watched Roddy as the Bookworm on BATMAN.

NOTES: Pretty much a one-liner day it looks like.

The "Bode' books" I referred to were the first three issues of the underground comic JUNKWAFFEL, posted online here:

Mark was, as some may recall, the guy at school for whom I had sort of become an unofficial "bodyguard" on the way to the bus. I can't recall why he was in the paper that day.

To this day they're still going back and forth on the possibilities of life on Mars. I think they're pretty definite that there currently is none but every once in a while they announce that maybe there was...or maybe there will be...or maybe there could be...

I hit puberty in some ways as early as age 8. I was late getting acne. Not until I was about 15 but I had it really bad well into my twenties. Thus shaving was often dependent on how broken out my face was at any given time.

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