Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 20th, 1976

Easily managed to avoid IT today. Read a lot more and finished off all the Tootsie Rolls we bought.

Finally heard from Terry. He went to see LOGAN'S RUN without me!

The Marxes were on but I'd seen this one a lot before.

Finally heard "Sweet Young Thing" on THE MONKEES again tonight. See where LOST IN SPACE and DARK SHADOWS may return to WXIX next!

The big news today, though, was that we made it! Seven years after Apollo 11, man has landed on Mars!! Ray Bradbury was there, naturally, talking about it on TODAY. Was so exciting watching the picture come through little bits at a time!
NOTES: I went through a phase where I munched on the big, cigar-sized Tootsie Rolls as if they were candy...which, of course, they were. This appears to have been during that period.

"Sweet Young Thing" had been an early Monkees favorite and I remembered that it had been heard often on the TV series. Then, for some reason, even episodes I was sure featured that song didn't anymore! It was years later before I found out that as the series went into Saturday morning reruns, they would replace the older songs with newer ones! This syndicated episode was apparently not one of those later prints.

And yes, we landed on Mars. A robot, anyway. I remember seeing a cartoon that showed that the first photo sent back from the Viking Lander picked up a sign that said, "Ray Bradbury Was Here."

Seen above is the real first color photo ever sent back to Earth from another planet. In later years, it was said that it really wasn't as red as that but that NASA "color-corrected" it to meet the public's expectations. I believe their version of the story was to make it more accurately reflect reality. No matter. That day it was cool to be science geek!

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