Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 10th, 1976

Scrapped GATOR yet again, this time so I could go see GUS with Mom and Dad just uptown at the Madison. Karen Rooney was working there selling tickets! She was in my Kindergarten class and still goes to my school but isn't in any of my classes. She's SO pretty!

Started working on my Price guide compilation for this time next week.

Saw BATMAN reruns for the first time in years! They still hold up!

The Miss Universe Pageant was on tonight and one of the judges was Run Run Shaw!! Weird!

NOTES: GUS was a live action Disney picture which didn't look so hot but I ended up seeing it a couple of times! It's a silly comedy about a mule drafted as a kicker on a football team. Typical of the period, there was a great cast of familiar faces including Don Knotts, Ed Asner, Tim Conway, Bob Crane, Dick Van Patten, Ronnie Schell and Tom Bosley...all with little of any consequence to do.

With the Price Guide, what I was doing was taking my own Want List and looking up current values so as to know if I was being ripped off the following week at Omnicon!

The 1966 BATMAN TV series had been my favorite thing in the world at the time (as it had with so many!) and I was pleased to see it held up in spite of its by then already dated "camp" approach. A couple years back, I was able to share the entire series with my son on DVD (Shhh!) and not only do I still love it but now so does he! As we were watching them, I casually asked whatever happened to one of the actors who played a villain in an early episode and, this being the Internet age, I was able to track him down and interview him. Actor, comedian, teacher and father of former SNL star Chris Kattan, Kip King and I became phone friends after that until he became ill and died a while back. A nice man and thanks to a 40+ year old episode of BATMAN, I got to know him a bit! Not only that but it led to my also getting to interview singer Donna Loren, seen here with Kip in BATMAN.

The Miss Universe Pageant was, of course, not really a beauty contest that covered the whole universe...or even just the Milky Way for that matter. Was odd to see aged Hong Kong martial arts movie mogul, Run Run Shaw as a judge!

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