Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday, July 25th, 1976

Enjoyed an afternoon of animated features on TV followed by going out to get two footlong hot dogs and the new stereo headphones I've needed for so long. While we were out, I also bought a ridiculously busy, tight, thin, sleeveless jungle shirt.

Bad news of the day: Duke's new film is ONLY going to be at Erlanger! Why??

NOTES: That shirt was SO not me! It was one of several I got during this period in an effort to try to branch out my look but I was actually embarrassed to wear it outside the house!

"Duke's film" was what would turn out to be John Wayne's final film, THE SHOOTIST. For some reason, it only opened around here in neighborhood theaters rather than at any of the first run houses or downtown cinemas.

The headphones of the day were the old kind that fully covered the listener's ear, as opposed to the tiny earbuds of today. Oddly enough, we're about to get some for my son whose earbuds have been causing him issues that have necessitated several trips to the doctor.

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