Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday, July 3rd, 1976

Dad got Mr. Perky, the new neighbor, to handle SS for two weeks for us. We're still trying to decide where to go on vacation before Omnicon though which is now just eleven days a way!

I bought a new two dollar Wings book. I got the Billie Joe record but the book had no pics so I skipped it. Took me four stores to even find it!

I intended to see GATOR but as I approached the theater it looked like the place might be on fire! There were fire trucks all around so I didn't go!

Saw part of a Bicentennial parade as well as the first few hours of an all-night Bicentennial party that actually included local segments from Kings Island. Almost time for the next 200 years to begin. Fireworks from down on the river tonight!

NOTES: I hadn't really written anything about the Bicentennial but I actually was quite excited about it. I had always been a history buff and coming so soon as it did after Nixon resigned in disgrace, the Bicentennial was a much needed ego booster for the country.

"Mr. Perky" would come to be known to us as "Jack" and to give you an idea of what he was like, think Festus on GUNSMOKE. He looked like him and talked like him, especially when drinking which was much of the time. Perhaps i had led a sheltered life but this was the first person in my life I had ever known to be an alcoholic (my Uncle in North Carolina was but I didn't find that out until later) and I kind of resented the somewhat forced intrusion of that disease on my reality.

Eventually I would see GATOR, the sequel to Burt Reynolds hit WHITE LIGHTNING but I wouldn't like it.

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