Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday, July 23rd, 1976

Never saw a sign of a mailman today! Am I ever going to get that Brunner book?

On TV today I watched Fonzie and David Bowie on DINAH, the last episode of BREAK THE BANK, my first episode of SARA and a Sally Struthers movie. Annette Funicello helmed tonight's 200 YEARS AGO TODAY.

Saw a pic of a bearded Michael Nesmith in a mag! Weird.

On a whim I took the bus out to Northern Kentucky Book Store. Steve was there and he told me he had been at Omnicon on Sunday. Was after we left so I missed him.

NOTES: From he image, you can see that Nancy Walker was also on DINAH. Bowie was rare as a television guest. His most famous TV appearance would occur the following year when he would duet with no less than Bing Crosby on Christmas songs for der Bingle's final, ultimately posthumous, holiday special.

Good thing I didn't much like SARA, a short-lived Brenda Vaccaro TV series, as it's final episode would air just a week later. It had been on since February.

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