Saturday, July 2, 2011

Friday, July 2nd, 1976

Saw McCartney again this morning, natch.

I decided to stay home today and in spite of IT, I enjoyed myself. Much of the day was introspective. I decided that tomorrow I'm going to buy the ODE TO BILLIE JOE record and maybe the book if it's got pictures.

Spent most of the day in my room working with my scrapbooks. I fixed some of my pictures and looked at a lot of other ones. Finally, after more than a year I think, I cleaned the floor in my office. Also disposed of my broken toybox. I felt in such a productive mood that I even shaved and made my bed! Quite an accomplishment for me!

One hell of a lot of trash at SS tonight--wood, metal, files, etc. Got a new trash can for my own office though when they threw out a perfectly good one just because they got a new one.

Still, all in all, another good day.
NOTES: I had had my toybox since I was a small child. It was basically like the one seen above although mine was covered in blue vinyl that had been torn around the edges for many years. BY this point, I was keeping it in front of my desk and using it to store the notebooks I had filled with beloved comic books! Comic books that would now be worth a small fortune had I not ripped off their covers, ripped out ads and letters pages, poked holes in them and stuffed them in notebooks!

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