Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday, July 8th, 1976

I awoke at 6 AM and was showered and at the TV by 7 to catch GMA where I heard Miss Rona talk about the upcoming SUPERMAN movie!

The worst part of the morning was that most of the TV shows were the same. We couldn't decide whether to stay or not. Eventually, we checked out, checked our bags at the bus station and then began a long shopping spree that culminated in a cool bookstore with the rest of this week's new comics, fanzines and the works! They even had an ad on the door for Omnicon! HAH!

We went in Lazarus, a huge department store with no real front door, two basements, tunnels and at least a few city blocks for different sections! Wow! We had dinner there.

We had planned to see a movie downtown but there were no theaters to be found anywhere! Weird! I snapped nine pix though! I hope they turn out great.

Exactly 24 hours after we left home to go to Columbus...we left Columbus to go back home. I enjoyed it at least as much as Cleveland, though.

We arrived back at our apartment by 5:30. The trip back had been pretty uneventful which is good because I had forgotten to take my pill. We had a postcard saying my senior pictures were done. Mom and I will go pick them up tomorrow. I called Terry to tell him about the trip. He had picked up some comics that I had missed but I had quite a few that he hadn't seen here yet.

While we were up there, I developed a quick crush on a TV newscaster named Carol Chaney. Too bad because I'll most likely never see her again.

Found out Gerber was fired from Marvel...apparently for real this time.

NOTES: Yep...we stayed exactly one day. That was our vacation. As I said before, we were never big on travel which no doubt led to my still being that way today. I tried to find a picture of Carol Chaney but was not able to do so. I did, however, find a shot of the Lazarus store the way I remember it! Not sure what happened to the pictures I took that day but I'm pretty sure I don't have them anymore.

The SUPERMAN movie was still more than two years away at this point but it was looking more and more like it would actually happen. Mario Puzo was writing the script and he was as big as a writer gets after THE GODFATHER! Unfortunately, he seemed to have little understanding of the character and other hands were later brought in to essentially rewrite his script away...but union rules being what they are, he still received screen credit.

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