Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wednesday, July 7th, 1976

We tried and tried to decide where to go today and in desperation we just went to Columbus. We left here on the Greyhound at 2:30 and arrived there just around 4:30. Got a room right across the street at a Holiday Inn. On the eighth floor.

It's a really neat city. We walked around a little early this evening before it got dark. We ate at Wendy's and I even found a place with some new comics. They weren't out yet when we left Cincy!

Mom and Dad watched the Reds game on Channel 4 here.

Just after we went to bed, though, it stormed some and I had quite a time sleeping.

NOTES: As I've said before, we never, ever drove anywhere on vacation. I never did learn why. My dad was an excellent, safe driver with a near spotless record for 50 years by that point. He had no problem whatsoever driving within the city limits or not far beyond but he hated the Interstates and any kind of long travel. My mother had never learned to drive at all.

The thing I remember most about this trip to Columbus, Ohio was just how clean and shiny the city opposed to, say, Cincinnati or even Cleveland where we had been the year before. We had a habit, though, of going on these trips and spending all of our time in the hotel rooms watching different TV shows. Or sometimes just the same ones, in fact!

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