Sunday, July 24, 2011

Saturday, July 24th, 1976

A hot day with some unexpected rain brought a great John Wayne classic and some nice Columbus pictures.

Doubleheader on the tube tonight which left me cooped up in my room. I began my X-MEN index and drew a fair to good rendition of Vampirella for my box. Soon I'm going to have to finish my room design once and for all and then clean off my desk. Then I have t go over my Spanish for what looks to be the worst of the dozen!

Oh, and I'm in love with Diana Canova!

NOTES: The Columbus pictures consisted of about a dozen shots. These included a tree in front of our hotel, a flower growing up through a sidewalk, the front of our hotel, the bus station...things like that. I'd post them here but a) my scanner's still down and b) they really aren't worth it.

Vampirella is, of course, the alien vampire character with the revealing costume that is still popular today. I have no idea what I was referring to here, though.

Ah, Diana Canova! After a memorable appearance as Richie's too-tall girlfriend on HAPPY DAYS, she turned up in '76 on the prime-time summer series, DINAH SHORE AND HER NEW BEST FRIENDS. Obviously I thought she was great and SO super-cute! A year later, she would become quite popular as the slutty daughter on SOAP, a role that wouldn't be a big deal today but which, at the time, was a first for television comedy! Saw an interview with recent photos of her not long ago and she is still a lovely woman!

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