Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday, July 14th, 1976

Finalized my list! Just a couple more days now.

I accidentally tuned in on actress Sarah Miles on DONAHUE and got caught up in it. She was noticeably braless which is why I stuck with it. Chad of Chad and Jeremy was with her and sang Summer Song. Mom came in the room just in time to catch Sarah talking very explicitly about masturbation! I acted non-chalant and went in to get a candy bar. Now, I'd love to see her new (nude)

performance but for what I hear is a pretty bloody ending! Will that stop me? Only time will tell!

Tomorrow, though, we leave for Omnicon which starts Friday! Mom started packing tonight. Still didn't get Brunner in the mail. Can't take it to get it signed if it doesn't ever get here!

Still not much on the tube tonight besides Democrats! We stayed up late to see Carter's nomination. That was pretty neat.

NOTES: I had yet to really get into politics or even take sides. Being still months away from being old enough to register to vote, it just didn't seem to matter yet. I liked Carter's good ol' boy style though and his PLAYBOY interview would convince me to purchase the only issue I had ever bought up until that point.

Sarah Miles is a British actress who I simply never cared for..until I saw her speaking so openly and explicitly with Phil Donahue about something that--in spite of my HUSTLER history--I wasn't even aware that women actually did. The movie in which she supposedly practices that art fairly realistically (which led to her getting a Golden Globe nomination for her performance!) was entitled THE SAILOR WHO FELL FROM GRACE WITH THE SEA. To this day, I have still never seen it. To this day, I'm a little confused as to why Chad Stuart of one of my favorite sixties musical duos, Chad and Jeremy, was with her.

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