Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tuesday, July 6th, 1976

Saw Max Baer and Bobbie Gentry on MERV this morning and decided I was going to go see ODE again soon. Then I realized I'd seen my number one pix for the past few years at least twice before I even knew they were going to be my number ones!

Very bad rains this afternoon knocked power out for about ten minutes. I'll bet SS people were scared to death. Was pitch dark over there!

Tonight I maged to tape record the song and scene from ODE when they reran MERV. Saw Carol Wayne, too. She's neat.

Tonight should have been our first real night of not having to worry about the SS but Mom just kept worrying about how Jack and his friend he brought in to help were working out.

NOTES: Max Baer, as I said the other day, had memorably typecast himself as Jethro on THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES but now had become a director. He was pretty good.

Carol Wayne was a buxom, funny and by all accounts amazingly smart comic actress with an odd sort of smushed in face. She often appeared as a comic foil for Johnny Carson and as a game show panelist. She would drown accidentally in early 1984.

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