Monday, July 11, 2011

Sunday, July 11th, 1976

I don't think it's gonna work. "Pesky Perky" came in drunk early this morning, later telling us how he had kicked out a drunk he found sleeping up on the third floor! The he went and screwed up the SS trash cans! I'll be glad when we get back to work over there!

"Silly Love Songs" left the # 1 position but McCartney entered the Top Ten on a 2nd front now, too!

Reluctantly I went to the Zoo with Mom and Dad but I did enjoy it. The greatest thrills were an eagle soaring a short distance, the baby white tigers and a now grown Sam and Samantha!

Watched a bicentennial epilogue on TV tonight and heard that Terrence Hill might play Superman!

NOTES: What I meant by McCartney's second front was that another song from his AT THE SPEED OF SOUND album had entered the charts. It was most likely LET 'EM IN.

Although then and now a favorite actor of mine, Terrence Hill was most likely never really a viable candidate for the man of Steel simply because he couldn't speak English without an Italian accent. Originally Mario Giroti, Hill had become a major international star on the strength of some light-hearted spaghetti westerns. By the mid-seventies, he was tried out in several English language vehicles including MR. BILLION with Jackie Gleason and MARCH OR DIE with Gene Hackman. He soon returned to producing and starring in low-budget comedies and westerns and has made quite a good living from them ever since!

Sam and Samantha were unrelated gorillas both born at the Cincinnati Zoo in early 1970 to much publicity. They were intensely photographed as youngsters and gave the Zoo quite a reputation (as did the rare white tigers!). Not sure what happened to Sam but I remember they had a big celebration for Samantha's 40th birthday at the Zoo last year!


  1. Reading this in Cincinnati, it's great to see local references from back then! This is a great blog idea - thanks for putting this together and sharing

  2. I looked it up -- Sam died of heart disease on November 17th , 2,000 .