Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 26th, 1976

Going across the river today, I actually saw the Mississippi Queen!

Sally looked great in a denim bikini on tonight's ALL IN THE FAMILY. I actually moved closer to the TV to enjoy that more fully! This led me to do some more work on my Favorite Females scrapbook where I added Cindy Williams to the mix (with my best opening photo yet).

I added more ODE TO BILLIE JOE pix to my regular scrapbook, too.

I got all SS stuff in one bag tonight but that dumb old Jack went ahead and took out my cans!

NOTES: So Jack was trying to help me by setting out the trash cans on trash night and I took offense. Seems odd, now. Probably paranoid that he would end up taking my job.

The Mississippi Queen was brand new in 1976. Cincinnati was known for its Delta Queen and we'd see it steaming down the Ohio fairly regularly. This new one dwarfed it. From Wikipedia: The Mississippi Queen was the second largest paddle wheel driven river steamboat ever built. The ship was the largest such steamboat when she was built in 1976 by the Delta Queen Steamboat Company...and was a seven-deck recreation of a classic Mississippi riverboat. Earlier this year, she was reportedly being dismantled after 35 years of service.

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