Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 27th, 1976

Awoke to violent storms this AM which lasted only a short time.

Yesterday I was wondering why I hadn't heard from Yoshiko lately and today I got a letter from her and also TBG.

Still in my plans to call Phyllis but I'm starting to worry she might have changed. It's been years. No idea what she even looks like. Haven't seen her since we were little kids. She was kinda cute but for all I know she could be ugly now.

I intend to see JOSEY WALES on Thursday and then Duke on Saturday. Two great cowboys!

Gave Mrs. K her birthday present and she loved it!

I saw Jack Benny in CHARLEY'S AUNT. Hilarious!

NOTES: "She could be ugly by now." Okay, yes, I was THAT shallow. Hey,. I was a teenager, okay?

Yoshiko, as you may recall, was my Japanese pen-pal. We stayed in touch for years. Wonder whatever happened to her.

Mrs. K was our upstairs neighbor, a feisty little former kindergarten teacher then in her late eighties!

Little could I suspect that THE OUTLAW JOSEY WALES would become my all-time favorite western. Even less could I suspect who I would run into on my way to see it in a couple of days!

I had been a Jack Benny fan literally all my life, first from the final years of his TV series, then his annual Specials, his many guest appearances, his old movies and, eventually, his classic and splendiferous radio series! Many years later, I would actually have a piece published in a book entitled WELL! REFLECTIONS ON THE LIFE AND CAREER OF JACK BENNY (available below!)

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