Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday, July 17th, 1976

Awoke early after sleeping better and got to watch a fun snowy episode of THAT GIRL at 7:30 on TV. It didn't seem like Saturday at all. We checked out of the hotel at 10 and went downstairs to wait on a cab. While we waited there, Andy and Cy Voris from the old Yellow Kid Comic Shoppe in Cincinnati arrived and I spoke with them. They still remembered me after nearly six months since they closed.

It was a better cab ride than before. We got downtown and walked around for a while just looking. A lot of hardcore shops and theaters. So weird since there's virtually nothing like that back home. We ate back at the bus station and then cut out around 2 PM.

For half the trip, I sat next to a very talkative older lady. She was interesting. Before we got in, though, she switched to the seat in front of me to talk with a girl close to my age. As we got close, the girl turned around to me and asked, "Is that the Cincinnati Reds ballpark?" I replied that it was. "It's beautiful! It's so big!" she said in a sexy voice I think I'll always remember!

I was glad when we got in. Both suitcases were loaded down with loot from the Con. They were heavy! I immediately went and got us all Wendy's for dinner.

Just before bed, we watched...or tried to...more of Laurel and Hardy on PBS.

NOTES: Trying hard not to kick myself. We were THERE. We had three day passes and there were even some folks there I knew by that point...but we still left. Sigh....

By this point in the seventies, there were virtually no XXX places in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky. Occasionally an adult bookstore would move in but they would be pressured out in a month or so. The exceptions were The Royal Theater in downtown Cincy and Cinema X in Newport, Kentucky. The Royal continued to run adult films but, as I would find out later, they were editing out all the actual adult scenes!!! CINEMA X was, probably due to their constant legal issues, a very clean, professionally run place that really did run hardcore least until the video revolution which was just around the corner from 1976.

As for the girl with the sexy voice I thought I'd always remember saying its double entendre...I didn't even recall the incident until I re-read this entry. Ah, well.

Oddly enough, I watched that exact episode of THAT GIRL on DVD late last evening!

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