Monday, July 18, 2011

Sunday, July 18th, 1976

Repercussions should last a while. I read some of my purchases today and contemplated buying one of the Bode books at Kidd's.

Saw Dick Van Dyke on WONDERAMA.

Dad cashed in three two dollar winning tickets over the river and then won two more.

Watched another ELLERY QUEEN episode I had missed and also saw THE DAY NEW YORK TURNED BLUE on McCLOUD with Bernadette! I think it may be my favorite episode!

Tonight we got back the SS keys.

NOTES: Originally aired in February, THE DAY NEW YORK TURNED BLUE, a McCLOUD episode vaguely reminiscent of an 87th Precinct thriller by Ed McBain, has turned out to be my favorite episode of McCLOUD, itself one of my favorite series of the seventies. Bernadette was, of course, Bernadette Peters, one of my many crushes of that year.

"Bode" was Vaughn Bode, an underground cartoonist known for his character Cheech Wizard and today remembered most as a massive influence on graffiti art and artists after his unfortunate "death by misadventure" in 1975.

Kidd's was the big, real bookstore in downtown Cincinnati where I had first discovered books about comics. Their basement had been given over to the son or nephew of one of the owners and he had turned it into, for all intents and purposes, a head shop. At some point he was killed in a motorcycle accident and in an apparently unrelated decision they moved to a new, more modern location a few blocks away. The new layout was nightmarish and I doubt they lasted a year there after decades in business at the original location.

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